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SAFE & Pure

Our vision at BPure Organics is to provide you with the safest, purest products available. We hope to help as many people as possible along the way by informing those that we meet on our path about the many benefits we have personally experienced with our CBD products.

At BPure Organics we have done extensive research on CBD products and what they can do for you and your wellbeing. Our hopes are to pass them on to you!

Having walked through my own health issues due to Breast Implant Illness as a co founder I am passionate about getting the news out to others. In my search to help with my own anxiety and sleep issues I stumbled across CBD oil. Leary of this new trend but desperate to try alternative, natural methods of supporting my body and healing, my story began.

As my anxiety dwindled and my sleep began to be steady I also noticed my joint and arthritis pain disappear over time.  My knees no longer hurt and my hands were pain free. (For many years I have been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor so my body has been put to the test!) A bonus I had not expected!

This was when I became truly passionate about not only sharing the news about CBD, but also producing it.  All products are not created equal and I soon found this out as I began to experiment with them. Although I knew little about it in the beginning I was absolutely fixated on learning and searching out all I could. Which has lead me on this new journey. Just losing my anxiety alone was enough to fuel the fire. I cannot explain the difference it has made making my mind more peaceful and my body stronger.

My product had to be pure and organic, something I could absolutely stand behind. After removing my toxic breast implants that had made me so sick and brought on so many health issues I certainly was not willing to ever gamble again with what I put in my body. I put the process in God’s hands and it all began to fall into place.

As we began trying our products on neighbors, friends and family with some amazing results and stories it was confirming that this is what we were called to do.

Our family loves helping others and we are convinced that this is just a simple way to pay back all the blessings that have come our way. The blessing of health and wellbeing.

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